Information and Communication Processing ICPH uses the knowledge and experience of managers, highly qualified employees, committed and efficient personnel, to lead the extensive media activities including text content, photo, video, audio, and media applications in the field of music, cinema, theater, television and sports. The company also has specialized activities in making promotional teasers, making apps, demand polls, short clips, music, value added services and text messaging. In order to achieve this goal, there has always been a plan and a review of the conditions, so that the best method could be taken to advance the work.

Website and Mobile Application Development

The ICPH software staff are dedicated and professional in a variety of programming languages in different operating systems as well as the other and new technologies. Our staff always offer the best both in implementation.as well as support.

ICPH is the professional provider of web design, web development, Windows, mobile, online communications, and strives to grow its successful clientele by providing continuous and professional services.

As one of the premier web-based software development company's, ICPH is aware that some capabilities are not possible due to the financial pinch or unspecified necessity at the initial stage of the project to generate the order software. Therefore and in order to reduce costs for our clients, the project will be altered into different phases.

Digital Marketing

As specialized company; we fulfill digital marketing services, innovative marketing and branding strategies for all type of business. The objective is to create and develop the unique brand name for each customer in online space while we enhance the competitive advantages. In recent years, digital branding as a global trend has created a new model in the marketing and advertising process of companies.

One of ICPH's aim is to focus on digital marketing; our commitment to our customers in the implementation of these strategies is to help their business achieve highest demand by creating the right online platforms.

SMS System

Interestingly, SMS and MMS marketing has made a huge difference in the world of advertising and marketing industry in recent years. Although more modern methods have been provided for marketing, especially through the Internet, text messaging and multimedia text messaging still have good impact and affect for effective marketing goals and strategies.

What is SMS Marketing?

Your business requires higher sales, therefore you stand in need of:

  • Keeping current customers loyal to your brand.
  • Always attract new customers.

SMS marketing is the solution which can help you in both cases. By following the right principles, SMS can be one of the simplest, most effective and, of course, the least costly methods of marketing.

We can help interact the existing customers while helping you to retain more customers.

The use of text messaging will increase the number of visits to your location. And we also automatically request reviews and referrals, which will bring new customers to your location. You focus on doing your job, while we help to attract more customers!

Social Media

We have heard the word social media a lot these days. Social Media is actually all social media through which you can introduce your brand and business. In fact, Social Media is a platform for getting traffic, audience attention and ultimately a way to sell higher. The competition in this type of marketing is to attract more and more audiences and engage with the likes and likes of your product and brand. Every social network has its own unique behavior.

For example, the type of activity inside the telegram is quite different from the type of activity on Twitter and Instagram. Or analyze the behavior of each network and how you can engage your audience in each activity and branding.

As a reputable company in managing and delivering social media services, we provide search engine optimization services and web design services and create and manage active social media campaigns for businesses. It manages social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram on your behalf and uses the right social media marketing services to help grow your business and reach your goals.

Content Production

These days Content production is the daily necessity of humans lifestyle.

by using powerful media such as the Internet, we can deliver the content to target groups in a cost-effective and useful way. Digital content is produced in a variety of ways for different audiences. Our services include producing textual content, creating teaser, making, publishing music videos on websites and social networks to increase product visibility and product introduction in collaboration with graphic professionals

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